A Edit

Aldrik BattlehammerEdit

Sex: Male

Race: Dwarf

Captain of the Woodbury Guard.

Alice Strayts Edit

Sex: Female

Race: Human

The richest woman in Woodbury. Elderly. Respected and honorable. Also the owner of the cargo that went missing from the Seafairer in North River Shores.

C Edit

Steward Calvin Strayts Edit

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Late husband of Alice Strayts of Woodbury.

D Edit

Lord Dain Clearwater Edit

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Governor of the City of Woodbury. Middle-aged, strong-worded, well-spoken, very noble. Recently widowed. Has governed the city for fifteen years (he was the youngest governor Woodbury had ever seen).

E Edit

Elaren Melranion Edit

Sex: Male

Race: Half-elf

Leader of The Underground in the city of Woodbury.

H Edit

Helena Edit

Sex: Female

Race: Human

Barmaid in North River Shores tavern, "The Drunken Dragon".

G Edit

Garx Edit

Sex: Male

Race: Goblin

Portmaster in Woodbury.

Grilnob Edit

Sex: Male

Race: Dwarf

Captain of the Seafairer, a trading ship that the party encounters in North River Shores as it passed by the town on its way to Woodbury.


Lanlin Edit

Sex: Male

Race: Gnome

World-renown technician and tinkerer in North River Shores.


William Edit

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Husband of Helena in North River Shores.

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